A job well done: CECO interns head back to college

At Ceco, we champion efforts to develop the next generation of construction professionals by offering internships that introduce students to the industry and provide hands-on training and experience. Internship programs are a great way to help strengthen the concrete construction industry while also identifying and grooming potential employees.

Summer interns, particularly, are valuable because they help bridge gaps in manpower during our busiest time of year—which also is a popular time for employees with children on summer break to take vacations. Our summer interns gain industry experience while we acquire much-needed temp help (and possibly future employees). It’s a win-win for all involved.

This summer, college students participated in our Project Management Internship Program at several Ceco locations and project sites. Below are a few of our hard-working interns, with some fun facts about them.

Alex Mackenburg

Alex Mackenburg, construction engineering major, Iowa State University (ISU)

INTERNSHIP LOCATION: ISU Innovation Center, Ames, Iowa

WHY YOU CHOSE CECO: Since a very young age, I have been involved with concrete. From hanging out at my grandfather’s concrete company to being a part of a labor crew. I chose Ceco because I wanted a more challenging environment for professional growth and advancement within the concrete industry.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: You can put me anywhere in the world, and I can still tell you which direction North is.

Chris Halamek, civil engineering major, University of Washington

INTERNSHIP LOCATION: Jackson Street Apartments, Seattle

Chris Halamek

WHY YOU CHOSE CECO: I wanted to learn more about concrete and how concrete structures are built from the bottom up. I also wanted to work for a close-knit company. I connected well with the career fair recruiter, and Ceco responded promptly after I submitted my application.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I originally went to college to study computer security.

Gabriel Diaz Rios, civil engineering major, University of Puerto Rico—Mayaguez

Gabriel Diaz Rios

INTERNSHIP LCATION: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

WHY YOU CHOSE CECO: I liked that Ceco is a national company that takes the development of both its field and office employees very seriously. The company also has up-to-date software and isn’t afraid to take on complex projects, such as Met III and ECHO Aventura.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I participate in some nontraditional sports, like fencing and climbing.

James Lower, civil engineering major, University of Cincinnati, Ohio

James Lower


WHY YOU CHOSE CECO: They offered something different. The internship position included a variety of opportunities and experiences that I would not have otherwise gained unless I worked for multiple companies. Plus, not many contractors can duplicate Ceco’s expertise and problem-solving in the concrete field, let alone in the field of construction itself. All this made working with Ceco a priority for me.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I once slid the entire length of a ski hill on my back after falling at the very top!

Josh Frerichs, civil engineering major, UCLA

Josh Frerichs


WHY YOU CHOSE CECO: The opportunity to explore the world of engineering and construction. The intern position offered a unique and exciting role on a remarkable project that would expand my knowledge of engineering.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a fast swimmer, thanks to my webbed toes!

Silvia Hernandez Martinez, civil engineering major, University of South Florida

Silvia Hernandez Martinez

INTERNSHIP LOCATION: Tremont Tower, Orlando, Fla.

WHY YOU CHOSE CECO: To gain hands-on experience in construction management. Working on a construction site is something that I see in my future, and Ceco provided me with that opportunity.



Congratulations to all our interns on a job well done! We wish you the best in your future endeavors.