Building Information Modeling (BIM)

If you’re looking for an adept BIM contractor with the field experience to compliment the technology, Ceco is your firm. Ceco is an active proponent of Building Information Modeling (BIM), using it extensively to design our work and communicate with partner firms throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of each project.

Examples of Ceco’s BIM work are as follow.

The clip above features a digital walk-through of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium in Minneapolis, MN.

The above video shows a brief BIM Walk-Through of a project completed at Ohio State University.

As an early adopter of BIM technology Ceco has learned how to leverage this tool to maximize its value both internally and externally for clash detection, means and methods review, accurate shop drawings and more. Ceco is capable of creating new structural models or working in existing ones, and has created a BIM Scope and Proposal Terms document to help communicate our aptitude and capabilities with partner firms.

If you’re looking for a BIM-savy project partner, look no further than Ceco.