Ceco Concrete — A Learning Organization

Ruthann Ellis, Senior Training and Development Administrator

As the concrete and construction industry faces worker shortages in many areas, training has never been more important than it is today. Training workers — in many cases, workers who have no experience with concrete — can help concrete companies meet critical workforce challenges. But training a workforce at every level is just as important as training those who are brand-new to the industry.

At Ceco Concrete, we care deeply about each employee’s personal growth and therefore offer opportunities for development at every level of employment. Regardless of the employee’s level, we see a real difference between training and learning. Our philosophy defines training as something a person receives. On the other hand, learning is something a person does. Learning can occur anywhere at any time, while training is received at a specific time and place.

Both aspects – training and learning — are important, but lasting personal development doesn’t occur unless learning is involved. That’s why we call ourselves a Learning Organization. As a learning organization, we put a lot of effort into providing many types and styles of opportunities to allow all employees to continue to grow and be their best. These include. formal learning, on-demand learning, leadership and management support, mentorship and performance support.

Opportunities to Learn

We believe in investing in our employees with time, dollars and materials by offering more than 164 different training opportunities. Both soft skills training and equipment/safety training are offered, covering topics such as:

  • Job Cost and Risk Management
  • Planning, Scheduling and Organization
  • Leadership and Employee Development
  • Communication and Professional Development
  • English for Spanish-Speaking Workers
  • Spanish for English-Speaking Workers
  • Fall Protection Awareness
  • Respirator Training/Re-Training
  • Qualified Rigger Training
  • And much more.

Our trainers know that when it comes to training, one size doesn’t fit all. For this reason, we offer many types of training, including classrooms, webinars as well as on the jobsite Across the country, our employees are responding to our training approach. In 2016, we hosted a total of 4,498 participants in all courses and trained 1,692 different individuals nationwide.

Adult-Based Learning

Our learning opportunities are geared specifically for adults and how they best receive new information. The Adult Learning model is a multi-modal approach to learning, which means we offer many different experiences for the learner to engage with the material. Opportunities may begin with formal, classroom instruction. Subject matter experts develop programs and classes for employees. However, our classroom settings are more than lecture-based. They’re team-oriented where attendees work in groups throughout the session. Training involves lecture and demonstration. Participants then have the opportunity to explore what they are learning through hands-on activities that reinforce the concepts.

The hands-on portion of our learning environment is particularly important to us. At many concrete companies, hands-on training is reserved for those working in the field. But at Ceco, all employees — whether field or leadership — receive opportunities for hands-on learning.

Finally, coaching opportunities extend to the jobsite where employees are mentored. Although learning may begin in a classroom or training session, learning at Ceco continues all day, every day.

Fast-Track to Success

Ultimately, training is an essential part of what it takes to keep up with the industry’s growth and the demand for productivity. Typically, it takes years to obtain many of the skills necessary to advance in the concrete industry. Our training team has developed a way to fast-track that process by training all levels of our workforce and by offering numerous opportunities and avenues for learning. This approach allows for a much more efficient way of continuing professional development.

Our unique approach to training is one of the reasons why our employees love working for Ceco. For more on our training program, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgtfYktqLTE&t=5s. If you’d like to learn more about becoming part of our team, visit www.cecoconcrete.com/careers-with-ceco/.