Ceco Receives Highest Contractor Score

Ceco Concrete is proud to announce we have received yet another Contractor Score of 2500—the highest possible score from the construction industry’s leading independent business financial assessment agency. The ranking places Ceco at the top of the “Excellent” category, identifying our company as financially stable with low risk of default on projects.

While not a bond or guarantee of performance, the Contractor Score certification is designed to be an objective input to better assess risk. Knowing a contractor’s score helps developers, project owners, general contractors (GCs) and other stakeholders like subcontractors and suppliers determine whether the contractor has the funds and manpower to mitigate potential problems on any given job. In fact, some project owners and GCs require a Contractor Score as part of their prequalification process.

How it works
Calculated by Contractor Score LLC, the rating system measures key aspects of a contractor’s short-term liquidity and management capacity. The empirical tool is based on objective calculations of verified data without subjectivity or bias, with emphasis on liquidity, working capital, leverage and profitability of the most recent fiscal year and fiscal quarter as it relates to the existing backlog. Available funds contributing to the liquidity may be internal or external.

The scoring range runs from zero to 2500. The higher the score, the less the probability of default or significant failures on current work. Contractor Score defines rankings of 1001-2500 as Excellent, meaning contractors usually have significant outside credit line(s) available, top 25 percent operating ratios and typically conservative fiscal policies and/or proactive cash management practices.

Ceco is proud to have earned such an exceptional score, as it serves as an indicator of our past and future successes. Visit our Services page to learn more about Ceco’s strengths.