Ceco’s Brian Anderson Makes Innovation Intentional

One of the ways Ceco Concrete stands out from the competition is our safe, efficient approach to designing and constructing formwork and concrete delivery systems. Every day, our skilled craftspeople and engineers naturally look for ways to build a better mousetrap, or skyscraper, and overcome challenges in the field. We are all problem-solvers at Ceco.

Since late 2019, Brian Anderson, Continuous Improvement Department Manager, has been leading the way in making old ways better and finding new ways to design and construct. His department’s pursuit of innovation is intentional and proactive. Brian works with Ceco teams to collect, vet, test and roll out designs, equipment and processes that make installations easier and safer for our build teams.

“Every day, our craftspeople solve problems. They communicate their ideas to me so we can work together to build better,” says Brian.

Ceco employees across the country share their ideas with Brian through a mobile app, called Ceco Onsite. His team then works with the idea submitter and others to determine viability.

“Our people who are working with our equipment know what they need and have great input, and we want to hear from them,” says Brian. “Even if they don’t have a new idea, maybe they can help us with one we are working on.”

By engaging employees companywide to critically examine our processes, Brian and his team are helping to ingrain a passion for continuous improvement into our company culture. His efforts so far have already helped Ceco adopt innovations that bring added value to our customers.