Exposing Pan Construction Can Be Your Purposeful Architectural Feature

As an industrial look has become increasingly popular in recent years, many have explored incorporating the look in their office space design. To achieve the desired look, cast-in-place concrete can offer a unique office ceiling by exposing the as-cast pan construction along with various electrical, HVAC and plumbing utilities.

What is pan construction?
Pan construction is a structural construction method that can be accomplished with Ceco’s wide module Pan Construction formwork. Although not an architectural finish, exposed pan construction is an architectural feature.

While Ceco’s pan construction will likely not achieve an Architectural Class “A” or “B” finish due to seams and a few offsets, the clean, exposed concrete structure in an office building or public space is repetitive and interesting for office employees and the public. What’s more, Ceco’s exposed pan construction creates variation of depth, lighting and shadows. And because concrete structures do not need secondary applied fire-retardant material, the space is opened up to view. Such can be a liberating design choice. Apply paint to the concrete and achieve additional spatial impact for the user.

Why choose pan construction?
Enjoy all the existing benefits of pan construction. Take advantage of longer column-free spans, heavier live loads, minimized concrete materials, reduced floor-to-floor heights, no fireproofing materials, reduced floor vibration and increased sound dampening with the added benefit of exposing what often is disguised.

The approach offers advantages to the coordination of other trades and the end results can enhance the aesthetics and warmth of the environment. Exposing the concrete improves the effectiveness of concrete’s thermal mass and enhances the building’s temperature regulation. Savings are also found in reduced ceiling finish costs. With less ceiling work, there’s an opportunity to expedite the finish trades. Many prefer to expose Ceco’s pan construction look as it adds depth and character to the user’s space.

See “Pan Slab Construction May Surprise You” for all the advantages of Ceco’s wide module pan formwork. Then consider taking the next step of exposing the cast-in-place structure and capturing the added benefits to you, as the project owner, as well as the future workers or public in the space.

Download a PDF of our informational brochure on exposed pan slab construction.