It’s Construction Safety Week: Why Ceco’s safety is an invaluable asset

In honor of Construction Safety Week 2021, May 3-7, we invite you to learn more about our safe construction systems and our safety culture.


At Ceco, we know safe performance isn’t based on good fortune or luck. It must be intentional and by design.

The roots of our safety culture run deep, with a commitment to safety that supports a flourishing field organization seeking to advance the culture by design.

Safety by design
Ceco’s owned equipment has been developed and continues to evolve with safety features that benefit the users. Project construction systems are not only designed for each project but engineered as well. Loading is identified, applied and analyzed to ensure today’s fast-cycle construction and environmental loads are addressed. Our safety measures are consistent with evolving design standards and codes, including appropriate factors of safety.

Safe processes are planned, communicated and executed
Each project prepares a project-specific safety plan, identifying project risks and the necessary PPE, tools and equipment to perform safely. These plans aren’t generated by a third-party safety counselor, but by the Ceco project leadership to ensure their commitment.

Our project field leadership have completed various professional OSHA safety training. More important, they have received customized training for Ceco’s processes and construction systems that are designed for the specific project. We refer to these as Shared Practices. These guidelines are created by input from field employees with a focus on continuous improvement.

Formwork assembly and structural concrete BIM models, representing the designed engineering and construction systems, are provided to the Ceco field team, These BIM models represent the project plan in detail. Ceco process videos are often available to further communicate the engineered plan to impact safe behavior of Ceco’s employees. Accountability for safe techniques and behavior exists at every level of Ceco, from the Project Superintendent to each crew leader.

All Ceco leadership conduct on-site task safety observations. The observation is discussed with the active employee so they can understand what could go wrong if the task is completed unsafely and to acknowledge the many tasks that are being performed properly. Positive reinforcement is nourishment for safe performances.

Ceco tracks and measures task observations to let us know if we’re on the right path or if potential areas need additional focus. Safe work habits of all is the goal, as they help to reduce the possibility of injury and project disruption.

Our on-site leadership complete regular site audits of our construction processes, safety plans, equipment and behavior to look for any improvements we can make. Auditing does not stop there, as Project Management staff, Ceco safety professionals and company leadership perform unannounced safety audits on a regular basis. Audit scoring is established, and site leaders are evaluated according to these results, with changes made whenever needed.

A culture of safety
Any culture is only understood by experiencing it. Ceco has created our culture around the belief that building safely is a “line management” responsibility. Field leaders who are closest to potential risks are in the best position to protect their crews. Our crew leaders are trained, empowered and expected to keep their crews safe—the same expectations we require of their superiors.

Visit a Ceco work site. Ask your Ceco representative about the applicable Shared Practice. Meet Ceco’s crew leaders and ask them about their safety knowledge and commitment. Most are humble in their knowledge but assertive in their actions.

The invaluable asset
Ceco seeks to send every employee home to their family at day’s end without the worry of injury. Our safety focus goes beyond our employees to our clients, other trades on-site, passing pedestrians and neighboring property. We understand they, too, should not be injured or harmed. All are unspoken expectations of Ceco’s commitment to safety.

We seek to provide clients the freedom to concentrate on other facets of the project. Accidents impact many. Ceco’s commitment to safe systems, processes and behavior should never leave a lasting mark from an accident when the project is complete. This is The Invaluable Asset that benefits all, including our communities.

Download a PDF of our informational brochure, Ceco Advantage: Safety.