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The Leading Edge is our take on the industry trends and important topics that are shaping the construction industry.

Resource Group Opens Dialogue for Women in Construction

It’s well-known that women in the workplace face certain struggles such as a disparity in pay and opportunity. But women in construction often experience challenges extending well beyond the mainstream into discussions of practical necessity and safety. Imagine a jobsite with gloves designed for hands twice your size or safety vests that don’t fit properly.…

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Clothing and Layering Required for Winter Work

There are many safety hazards in the construction industry, no matter the time of year. During the winter in colder climates, employers must consider extreme cold, high winds, and often, a heightened chance of slipping and falling. To combat these hazards, protective clothing is needed when work is executed in winter temperatures. Workers should select…

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Quality Control Part of Ceco’s Company Culture

Safety, Quality and Productivity have been the three tenets guiding Ceco Concrete since our early years, more than a century ago, beginning as a concrete formwork contractor. Today, we are still driven by the “SQP” mantra. To stay in the concrete formwork and frame construction business for as long as we have, one must hold a…

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Academy Approach Develops Construction Careers

This summer we’re excited to kick off our 18-month-long Project Manager and Project Superintendent Academy. As a concrete contractor with an eye toward the future, we realize training is critically important for individuals who want a construction career. And training is as important for unskilled workers entering the workforce for the first time as it…

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Ceco Concrete — A Learning Organization

As the concrete and construction industry faces worker shortages in many areas, training has never been more important than it is today. Training workers — in many cases, workers who have no experience with concrete — can help concrete companies meet critical workforce challenges. But training a workforce at every level is just as important…

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Ceco Stands Ready for OSHA’s New Silica Rule 

This summer, OSHA’s most comprehensive standard for the construction industry in more than 20 years will go into effect. Known as the Crystalline Silica Rule, the standard is designed to protect construction workers – particularly those in dust-laden environments associated with using masonry saws, grinders, drills and jackhammers – from developing health issues including cancer and respiratory…

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