Meet the Team: Brandon Kovarick, Senior Project Manager

At the heart of Ceco Concrete is our employees. Oftentimes, the men and women who choose to work for Ceco find they want to stay and build their careers with us.

“The values and culture here aren’t just words on a wall, but rather goals that management strives to achieve on a daily basis,” says Brandon Kovarick. “Ceco has never stopped investing in my future, providing me with continuing industry-specific and soft skills training to help me expand my skill set.”

Since joining Ceco as Layout Engineer in 2010, Brandon has taken advantage of the education and career advancement offered to move up our ranks. In 2015, he was promoted to Assistant Project Manager and in 2016 to Project Manager. In 2017, he became Regional Quality Control Manager, training and managing onsite QC Coordinators as well as helping to oversee and coordinate Ceco South Florida’s layout team. Most recently, after serving as acting Senior Project Manager for several months, Brandon officially took over the role in January 2021.

Prior to working for Ceco, Brandon had worked for several construction companies where he saw a lot of employee turnover. “It seemed to be an industry norm for people to leave a company for other opportunities at the end of a project or after a series of two to three projects. But then I crossed paths with Ceco. My first indication that I had found a good home was when I learned that almost every employee I asked had spent 10, 20 or more years working for Ceco.”

As Senior Project Manager, Brandon will assist the Project Executive with customer relations, estimating and business development while mentoring Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers. Learn more below:

What is the objective of your new position?

I see my role as an opportunity to deepen Ceco’s relationships with customers and vendors as I help to estimate, sell and manage new work for South Florida. I also see my current position as a steppingstone to becoming Project Executive.

What vision do you bring to this role?
I can only hope to live up to the amazing precedent set by those who came before me—to continue the Ceco tradition of not just leading from the front, but also giving a hand up to the men and women who follow.

What personal expertise do you bring to your job?
I’ve been involved in construction since high school, when I began spending afternoons and weekends helping to build my parent’s home. My original trade was in construction surveying for cast-in-place concrete frames. I have since broadened that scope to include 3D scanning, management, logistics, pull planning, CPM scheduling, forecasting, document control and customer service. I am currently working toward broadening my skills to include estimating and sales.

For customers, what are the benefits of working with Ceco?
The experience and training of the people who work for Ceco. As with everything Ceco, status quo is not enough. For instance, since I began working for Ceco, I have been constantly challenged with new responsibilities, special assignments and problems to solve while being provided with the support, training and mentorship needed to be successful.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I like to travel and fish, and I enjoy music and football.