Meet the Team: Chad Anast, PE, LEED AP, Southeast Regional Manager

Growth and development of employees is a given at Ceco. In 2007, Chad Anast joined our team as Concrete Construction Engineer upon graduation from the University of Florida with degrees in civil engineering and architecture. Over the years, Chad continued his professional growth, which included earning professional engineering and general contracting licenses in the State of Florida. In January 2020, he was promoted to Southeast Regional Manager to tackle additional challenges. Chad is currently enrolled in an executive MBA program at University of South Florida in Tampa as he continues his commitment to learning.

1. What is the objective of your new position? Growing the Ceco Florida organization to meet the evolving needs of the Florida market and area clients.

2. What vision do you bring to this role? Investing in our employees and continuing Ceco’s culture, which encourages, develops and empowers the next generation of leaders. Our future leaders will grow from today’s crew leaders, superintendents, project managers and design engineers, to name a few. We have a great process.

3. What personal expertise do you bring to your job? Having both a logical (engineering) and creative (architecture) background helps me to view challenges opportunistically and seek unique solutions. Plus, I am taking graduate-level classes that are equipping me with a strong business acumen and enhancing my ability to make optimum decisions for Ceco and my team.

4. What benefits do our customers have in working with Ceco? Ceco has many advantages that can be leveraged to differentiate the Florida team over others. We are able to serve as problem-solvers for our clients while still delivering quality projects on time. Every project has unique challenges. These challenges present us with a chance to keep every day new and exciting for the Ceco team as we achieve the needs of our clients.

5. What hobbies do you enjoy? I enjoy spending time with my family, especially outdoors, such as boating, camping or a day at the beach. I also love auto racing—it’s an exhilarating experience to drive my car in Autocross competitions. Watching Formula 1 racing allows me time to relax.

6. Do you have any hidden talents? I am proud to be the current office go-kart champion!