Meet the Team: Chris Chubet, Senior Project Manager

How do you build an exceptional construction workforce? Create an environment in which newer employees can tap into the wealth of knowledge provided by seasoned employees as we all strive for better ways to build. At Ceco Concrete, this collaborative atmosphere molds our employees into a diverse team that provides front-line innovation and expertise on dozens of projects each year.

Chris Chubet came to Ceco Connecticut in Hartford with nearly a decade of industry experience under his belt. A 1993 graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a BS in construction engineering, Chris worked for a rebar and concrete products supplier before joining our company in 2005.

Over the years, Chris has both learned from more experienced team members and shared his own unique knowledge as he moved up the ranks, from Construction Engineer to Project Manager to his latest promotion, Senior Project Manager. In this new role, it is his turn to take the lead and propel those under him to greater heights.

What is the objective of your new position?

To help grow our business by focusing on business development, estimating and project management.

What vision do you bring to this role?
While continuing the work of a project manager, I will place more emphasis on leadership and help guide newer employees to success on our projects and in their career growth.

What personal expertise do you bring to your job?
I am a good facilitator of teamwork and have cultivated a strong understanding of project and business risks. Both abilities are essential in project management.

For customers, what are the benefits of working with Ceco?
We help our customers compete for business by partnering with them to form a stronger project team than they would have without our added expertise.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
Anything family-oriented with my wife, children and dog.