Meet the Team: Derrick Sorensen, Senior Regional Safety Manager

At Ceco, we are committed to sending our people home safe each day, and we do this with the help of our experienced safety supervisors and managers.

When Derrick Sorensen began his career with Ceco in 2016, he brought with him more than 20 years of experience in construction safety and health. A military veteran, Derrick has a degree in occupational health and safety from the University of Washington. He has previously served as director of environmental health and safety (EHS) with Rockies Construction and as a safety supervisor with WSI Enterprises.

During his tenure with Ceco, Derrick has helped advance our culture of safety. First hired as Area Safety Supervisor to oversee safety operations for our Phoenix District (including locations in Phoenix and Tucson as well as Los Angeles, San Diego and Oakland, Calif.), he was promoted to Regional Safety Manager in 2018. In 2020, Derrick took on an even larger role as Senior Regional Safety Manager, bringing our Seattle District under his umbrella of responsibility.

Learn more about Derrick below:

What is the objective of your new position? The West Region has had great safety success. I plan to continue this success by developing strong working relationships between regional management and site personnel.

What vision do you bring to this role? To assist, in any way possible, in promoting a strong safety culture within the entire organization.

What personal expertise do you bring to your job? My teamwork mentality and dedication to safety. After graduating high school, I joined the United States Army as a military police officer. During military service, I completed airborne school and spent one combat tour in Grenada. After the military, I received a BS degree in occupational health and safety and spent the next 20 years working in safety-related positions.

For customers, what are the benefits of working with Ceco? By maintaining the highest level of safety performance, Ceco project leaders provide the safest and most efficient project management. We build a lasting trust with our customers for future project opportunities.

What hobbies do you enjoy? The past couple of years, I have been heavily involved in charity work with an organization called The 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist). They are a worldwide organization that generates financial assistance for children’s hospitals and other charities. They are a premier Star Wars group that is endorsed by Lucasfilm, and many of our members either were cast in previous movies and TV series or are being recruited for future film projects. I dress as Darth Vader for The 501st Legion charity appearances.