Meet the Team: Jeff Riesberg, Executive Vice President

Our talented people are here for the long haul, using their valuable experience to bring us to new heights. For nearly 35 years, Jeff Riesberg has contributed to Ceco’s success in a variety of capacities, from onsite project management to oversight of multiple office locations. Jeff was recently promoted to Executive Vice President, effective January 2020. He had previously served as Senior Vice President Eastern Region.

Here are 5 questions to get to know Jeff and his approach to his new leadership role.

1. What is the objective of your new position? To provide the formwork equipment and engineering resources necessary for all locations to efficiently deploy these resources to Ceco’s projects.

2. What vision do you bring to this role? Enhance the focus on Ceco’s innovation efforts in all locations. Help employees where they seek innovative ways to do our work. Utilize Ceco’s manufacturing facilities and expertise, engineering and innovation resources to “find the better way.” At Ceco, we seek to fulfill our client commitments and meet their expectations. I enjoy leading the team toward those goals.

3. How do you describe the work you do to clients, owners, potential employees, etc.? My role is largely in support operations and ideas. The safe, efficient use of our formwork equipment and having available the quantities needed on each project sets Ceco apart from many of our competitors. In other words, ensuring we have the best formwork system for each project and that our project team is expertly trained to use that system—that’s what Ceco is all about. Through Ceco’s shared practices, the team helps our various locations source and utilize the most efficient system for any project, so we can start and deliver projects on schedule.

4. What personal expertise do you bring to your job? I’m a licensed civil engineer with an advanced business degree. Yes, proud to be an Iowa State Cyclone. That, coupled with more than three decades of industry experience, allows me to bring a disciplined problem-solving approach to each opportunity.

5. Do you have any hidden talents? I am a good dancer!