Meet the Team: Kyle Martinez, Northwest Regional Safety Manager

For Kyle Martinez, working for Ceco is a family tradition. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him, Kyle joined the Ceco Seattle office 19 years ago, working in various capacities over the years. Most recently serving as Northwest Field Training Manager, he was promoted to Northwest Regional Safety Manager, effective June 2020.

Let’s get to know Kyle and his approach to safety:

1. What is the object of your new position? Create a team atmosphere for safety—encourage everyone to work together for a common goal of reducing recordable injuries.

2. What vision do you bring to this role? Move the Northwest region to the forefront as a national leader in safety for Ceco.

3. What personal expertise do you bring to your job? As a 19-year company veteran, I am fortunate to have worked in many roles over the years. All have given me a great understanding of company safety policies and procedures. My past role in field training has allowed me to serve as a resource for many jobsites and employees. The new position will expand my role as a resource. Having embraced technology from an early age, I enjoy seeing the technological advancements being made in our industry and will be involved with our Ceco field teams that are working hard to incorporate them.

4. What is your safety philosophy? 96% of all injuries are a direct result of unsafe behavior! We must focus on training workers so their natural behavior is to work safely.

5. What hobbies do you enjoy? Photography and tasting new craft beers are fun hobbies. Plus, having been born and raised in Washington State, there’s no choice but to be a big Seattle sports fan since 1982 (Go Hawks!). I also enjoy watching Formula 1 auto racing.