Edinburg Regional Medical Center

5-level expansion tower for hospital campus

Edinburg, Texas

Edinburg Regional Medical Center

South Central Operation

To meet a need for expanded hospital services in South Texas, the Edinburg Regional Medical Center Additions and Renovation project adds a five-level, 59-bed patient tower to the hospital campus. The 140,000-square-foot tower features an enhanced emergency room, intensive care unit, inpatient rehabilitation floor and rehab gym, and an imaging suite for MRIs, ultrasounds and mammograms. The project also allows for future expansion, including shell space for 55 additional beds.

The project broke ground December 2020, with Ceco Concrete coming on board May 2021 to provide full formwork decks and vertical forming for columns. Formwork systems used include the Ceco HV shoring system and Ceco wide-module flangeforms as well as ganged column forms.

The tower’s structural design is a wide-module, concrete pan construction system, which is an ideal choice to support the higher loads of hospital facilities. The longer spans of the wide-module pan system provide greater load-carrying capacity as well as a stiffer floor system with better vibration characteristics. Reduced vibration and sound characteristics contribute to patient comfort.

The structural design also allows the facility to be repurposed over time. The void areas are free of post-tensioning cables, enabling coring to take place for later modifications without problems. Partition walls can be adjusted, allowing for easy relocation of heavy imaging equipment.

The Ceco team used 16-inch-deep by 66-inch-wide flangeform pans for each of the five elevated levels to construct 30×32-foot bays. Each floor is 24,000 square feet, with typical story heights of 13 feet 6 inches.

Remote location
The hospital campus is located in the Rio Grande Valley, close to the Mexican border. As is typical of projects in less populated areas, Ceco’s field operations team faced manpower challenges. Aided by experienced tradespeople who traveled for the project, the Ceco field team was able to maintain the project schedule and finish on time.

“We would like to thank Ceco Concrete for their amazing performance and quality,” said general contractor Robins & Morton’s Lead Project Superintendent Dusty Gallas and Project Manager Jeremiah Lagalo in a recognition letter. “Ceco shortened our original concrete duration and fought through an abnormal amount of rainfall to deliver the structure on time. It would be our pleasure to work with Ceco again, and we look forward to the experience.”

The Ceco team for this project, which Gallas and Lagalo dubbed the “A team,” included:

  •  Mike Schautteet, General Superintendent
  • Francisco Urrutia, Project Superintendent
  • Kenneth Mack, Project Manager Don’t need these here, if included below.
  • Floyd Golding, Engineer
  • Vicente Casas, BIM Technician
  • David Harris, Regional Safety Manager

The Ceco team topped out August 2021 and finished all work by the end of September.

Project Details

  • Project Owner:
    McAllen Hospitals LP
  • Contractor:
    Robins & Morton Group
  • Architect:
    Gresham, Smith & Partners
  • Structural Engineer:
    Gresham, Smith & Partners
  • Gross Building Area:
    140,000 sf
  • CECO Scope:
    Full Formwork Decks; Vertical Forming for Columns
  • Date Completed: