Pallisade Palms Condominium Towers

Two 29-Story Concrete Condominium Towers Above Parking Garage

Galveston, TX

  • Concrete Condominium Towers

Pallisade Palms Condominium Towers

Southern Operation

Ceco Concrete Construction built these concrete condominium towers using flat plate concrete formwork to meet an aggressive schedule. To best accommodate limited crane time Ceco employed a shearwall concrete formwork system that allowed all forms to remain on the building in lieu of flying forms to the ground after each floor was formed (wall forms were attached to walls below via block-outs placed in the slabs).

Project Details

  • Project Owner:
    Falcon Group
  • Contractor:
    Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
  • Architect:
    Kirksey / Kirkor
  • Structural Engineer:
    Haynes Whaley
  • Gross Building Area:
  • CECO Scope:
    Concrete Formwork
  • Date Completed: