The 360 Rosemary

30-story post-tensioned concrete office building

West Palm Beach, Fla.

The 360 Rosemary

East Operation

Featuring panoramic views of West Palm Beach, The 360 Rosemary—also known as “The 360”— is one of the few concrete office buildings in South Florida. Building amenities include contactless entry, facial recognition technology, motion sensors and smart window shades. A café is located on the lobby level, parking on Levels 2 through 8 and a fitness facility on Level 9.

Ceco provided the full concrete frame including foundations and crane hoisting for this project. More than 580,000 square feet of concrete was framed and poured onsite. The office levels (10 through 17, each measuring 24,300 feet) were constructed on a fast-pace cycle of 8 days per floor. The Ceco team separated each level into three pours, which were completed with one placing boom.

The Class A 30-story office building was originally planned as a structural steel structure, but the design was changed to concrete to achieve greater efficiencies—providing extended service life with reduced maintenance. As a result, the owner will save approximately 25% annually on property insurance costs.

The post-tensioned building has a longform wide module pan joist structural system. Its 45-foot-perimeter and column-free bays were achieved with only a 20.5-inch-deep structural concrete profile. Shell work began October 2019, and the Ceco team topped out August 2020.

Project Details

  • Project Owner:
    The Related Group
  • Contractor:
    Moss Construction
  • Architect:
    Leo A. Daly
  • Structural Engineer:
    McNamara • Salvia
  • Gross Building Area:
    584,000 sf
  • CECO Scope:
    Turnkey Concrete Frame Including Foundations & Crane
  • Date Completed: