Collaboration and Concrete Innovation

Ceco Concrete Construction is dedicated to collaboration as a means to concrete innovation—both figuratively and literally. We strive to identify better ways to build high-performance living structures, and we actively engage our industry partners to take a holistic approach in doing so. In markets such as Salt Lake, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle, we have formed teams of industry experts to analyze and identify high-performance outcomes, and the results of our case studies are promising to say the least.

Our collaborative research has led to several exciting results including the potential for integrating structural and mechanical systems to create higher-performing healthcare and office structures. In Phoenix, we engaged a structural engineer, general contractor and mechanical engineer to analyze the nonproprietary mild-reinforced wide module structural system for application on acute care facilities. Compared to a steel frame, our team found that the wide module is far more flexible for future renovations, provides better infection control, can be built much faster and is far less costly initially and operationally. We took these results to the owner, who is now enjoying a high-performance structure that will better serve his patients and organization for years to come.

In California, we are collaborating with a nationwide mechanical engineering firm and one of three structural engineers certified as plan-checks for the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) to vet the wide module concrete structural system for OSHPD compliance and application in California. Several case studies on acute-care bed towers and medical office buildings suggest that concrete structural systems are OSHPD-compliant, and that a nonproprietary mild-reinforced wide module concrete frame will increase flexibility, significantly decrease initial and operational costs and provide a better life cycle outcome for owners when compared with a steel frame. The wide module provides numerous opportunities for aggressive energy-saving designs and integrated mechanical systems that steel does not, and it delivers additional flexibility when compared with other concrete systems.

Please refer to the results of our collaborative efforts for more information.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Banner Health

    “The Banner Estrella Medical Center was our first major concrete structure in several years. We chose the approach with advice from Ceco based on the cost and timeline for the project. Ceco worked very well with the project team in a fully integrated format. As a result, the project has completed on time and is a great success.”

    Kip C. Edwards, Vice President of Design and Construction
  • THP Limited, Inc.

    “THP Limited is a structural engineering firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have designed numerous hospital and large healthcare facilities across the Midwest, Many of them with Ceco Concrete Construction's involvement. Ceco's eye for quality and innovation makes them a leader in the concrete construction industry. THP has worked with Ceco in the early stages of several projects to get their opinion and ideas for providing the most efficient framing system.”

    David R. Marshall, P.E., Principal
  • Northland Concrete & Masonry, LLC

    “Ceco Concrete Construction is a professional organization. From the start of the project they give us detailed preliminary estimates to establish budgets and help design the project cost effective. When it comes to forming concrete structures, Ceco is my number one choice. If it’s a job with 370,000 sf of pan and joist formwork like 3M or a 10 story building like G.H. Holdings they have always led the charge in the field. Ceco comments to a schedule up front and holds to that schedule throughout the job driving the rest of the subcontractors. With top notch quality workmanship also comes along top notch safety program. Ceco is a leader in this industry and I am thankful they are on my team. ”

    Allen Skogquist, Vice President