Structural Systems Selection

When it comes to delivering value, one of the areas in which Ceco can help you the most is structural systems selection. Selecting the right structural system is critical to your project’s success. With more than 100 years of experience building virtually every kind of concrete structure imaginable, Ceco has the extensive project experience and expertise to help your project team analyze structural systems for the best possible outcome based on your goals. Concrete isn’t always the right choice among available structural systems, and we’re not in the business of telling you otherwise. Ceco has kept the doors open since 1912 by giving our clients the information they need to succeed on their project—whether we remain involved or not.

We strive to be a resource for our clients, providing free input on approach, formwork systems selection, shoring system selection and structural systems selection. There are a number of viable concrete structural systems to consider when looking at concrete vs steel. All concrete structural systems share the benefits provided by concrete as a material, but each has nuances that can help you achieve the specific project goals you wish to.



Concrete Structural Systems


structural systems

Flat Plate Structural System

Most Economical

Accommodates bay sizes up to 28′ x 28′

Generally used for multi-unit residential work

Often post-tensioned

structural systems

Flat Plate Structural System with Drops

Accommodates bay sizes up to 32′ x 32′

Generally used for multi-unit residential work

Often post-tensioned

band beam

Band Beam Structural System

Accommodates bay sizes up to 30′ x 45′

Generally used in situations where vibration and minor deflection are acceptable

Used often for office and parking

structural systems

Long Span Beam & Slab Structural System

Accommodates bay sizes up to 20′ x 60′

Standard beam size of 14″-16″ x 35″ deep

Generally used for parking structures

structural systems

Waffle Slab (2-Way Joist) Structural System

Least cost-effective system

Great for heavy loading or architecturally desirable situations

structural systems

Slab & Beam Structural System

Great for large bays or isolated conditions

Great for single-use on structures bearing heavy loads

Not economical for reuse on larger multi-story structures

structural systems

Wide Module Structural System

Usually a mild-reinforced moment frame

Bay sizes up to 35′ x 45′

Great for heavy loading with minimal deflection

System of choice for office, healthcare, classroom and laboratory work

We will always suggest the project team use a Choosing By Advantages (CBA) format to identify the best structural system for your project. Every project deserves a thorough analysis including the ancillary items affected by each different structural system, such as the reduction in energy, skin and fireproofing costs experienced with a concrete structural system.

Concrete isn’t always the right choice of structural systems—but when it is, it can significantly reduce initial costs and provide the owner a high-quality, high-performance structure that will last many years with little maintenance. Contact us today to see if a concrete structural system is right for your project.