Jeff began his career with Ceco Concrete Construction in 1985. Since then he has worked many positions including Project Manager, Sales Manager, District Manager and Regional Manager, accruing experience in a variety of roles on many different projects. Jeff is an active member of The Builders’ Association, Concrete Promotional Group and American Subcontractors Association in Kansas City. Below is an interview with Jeff when he was Vice President – South Central Operations.

Iconic projects Jeff has completed with Ceco include:

  • Federal Courthouse
  • Portofino Condominiums
  • Sprint Arena
  • Sprint World Campus
  • Wellmark Garage308 Green
  • UCSD Dorms
  • UNLV Greenspun Library
  • USDA Lab Facility
  • Denver Convention Center Garage
  • Met 3 Apartments
  • Echo Aventura

“One of my favorite memories adding value for a customer was working with the team on the Sprint Campus project,” explains Jeff. “Very early in the project when the Sprint World Campus was being developed, our client needed pricing information for the planned complex of 18 buildings totaling over 3 million square feet. Working with their conceptual estimators, we were able to provide a pricing model that worked for the campus over a 5-year period with enough give and take to allow for the normal changes that are required as projects unfold. The result was a mutually beneficial construction experience for all parties; Ceco, our client and the owner.”