The Ceco advantage: National presence, local roots

With a national footprint and deep roots in the local communities we serve, Ceco is uniquely structured to serve mobile project owners and contractors.


In 1912, Ceco Concrete Construction began from one man’s idea and grew to become a nationwide leader in cast-in-place concrete construction. Today, we operate from locations across the country and are known for our strong connections in the communities we serve. Our performance-driven, problem-solving culture recognizes the challenges unique to each project and location.

With more than 100 years of concrete construction experience, Ceco has expertise in multiple project types: Convention & Exhibit Centers, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Multi-Family & Dormitory, Office, Parking Structures and Sport/Entertainment Facilities. We are experienced with building both subterranean and high-rise structures, from open project sites to dense urban settings.

Local benefits
Contractors and owners count on the benefits Ceco provides as a nationwide firm with strong local connections. We know and understand the local markets, workforce and contractors. Additional benefits of our strong local roots include:

  • An understanding of the local construction culture, weather influences, building inspections and working restrictions.
  • A local workforce trained and committed to Ceco.
  • The opportunity to interact directly with us, your structural trade contractor, while considering multiple project design schemes and site locations for timing, schedule and budget evaluations.
  • A single-source contact who can respond directly to you, regardless of your location or the project location.
  • A consistent commitment to safety on all projects with a detailed understanding of state agency as well as OSHA regulations.
  • Local relationships with the design community, material suppliers, hoisting equipment and subcontractors that can support large projects.
  • Concrete construction equipment including specialized parking garage systems, pan construction, multiple deck systems or perimeter barrier equipment that’s primarily owned and maintained in-house to provide reliable, timely results.
  • Direct and early notifications of construction changes and an estimated range of magnitude of the impacts of those changes.
  • Construction engineering licensure in most states.

National strength
With locations across the country, Ceco offers the numerous benefits of a national footprint. Our enterprise business solutions, advanced technology and operational strength give contractors and owners confidence their projects will be completed with impeccable execution. Additional benefits of our national presence include:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure for project management, estimating, contract management, communication and meetings that are accessible anywhere.
  • If a project needs unique attention, Ceco can bring in craft and management resources from our extended footprint to ensure project commitments are met.
  • Financial soundness, always with the highest annual certification by a third party: Contractor Score.
  • Access to national industry resources with key roles in:
    • American Concrete Institute (ACI)
    • American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC)
    • Concrete Reinforced Steel Institute (CRSI)
    • Association of General Contractors (AGC)
  • National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification.  
  • Experience and support for Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) for general liability wrap-up project coverage.
  • 3D & 4D BIM modeling for initial pre-construction sequence and logistical planning. During construction, the level of detail increases to identify conflicts, design dimensional inconsistencies, and steps that reduce design-consultant construction delays.
  • Design-assist with your structural engineer, or design-build with a Ceco-selected consulting structural engineer. The focus is to create the best value for owners balancing design constructability, architectural intent, material and labor costs, local material availability, embodied carbon, logistical limitations and duration of construction. Ceco’s early involvement increases the potential of your “best value” gain.
  • Lump-sum pricing based upon documents, or cost-plus pricing that can allow projects to start when a design is incomplete or in flux. Another option is target value design pricing. During the design stage, Ceco may lock into a project scope and price, then collaborate with the project design team. Ceco’s goal is to maximize the constructability outcome. If the design process veers from Ceco’s target, we’ll inform the stakeholders of the change and impact.
  • A master project agreement, ready to be implemented without exhaustive negotiations for each project.
  • A detailed schedule of values, assistance in the project payment cash flow planning, detailed and timely monthly invoicing with clarity. Project walkthroughs with your team for validation.
  • A connected relationship with a Ceco executive for higher-level exchanges.

How can Ceco’s national strength and local presence benefit you?
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