Ceco’s in-house equipment provides reliable results

Ceco’s HV framing system for slabs is ready to go!

Ceco-owned equipment and regional equipment yards contribute to field success and numerous benefits for clients. By having formwork systems and equipment specially designed for Ceco and immediately available in-house, we bring enhanced logistics, expedited project starts, trained and productive crews, safe and efficient system designs, predictable outcomes, no third-party equipment excuses and reliable Ceco performance that clients can count on.


How it works
For many years, Ceco has invested in regional equipment yards to support field operations. These are designed for one customer: Ceco. Why should Ceco invest and maintain equipment that could be rented from third-party vendors? The answer is simple. A significant investment in equipment allows Ceco to deliver reliable results to our clients.

Ceco also has invested in eight specific systems to construct most of the concrete structures within the geography of 18 nationwide locations. These include:

  • Steel beamforms for parking garages.
  • For pan slabs, steel pans of all sizes including long-forms, long flange-forms and segmented flange-forms.
  • HV framing system for slabs.
  • Aluminum formwork members for wall and deck gang-forms.
  • Aluminum trusses for deck formwork, customized to the project.
  • Barrier Screen Systems configured to the project.
  • Steel shores of various capacities and lengths.
  • Heavy Duty CEFCO aluminum shoring scaffold ready to assemble on site.

Steel beamforms at Ceco’s regional equipment yard in Knoxville, Tenn.

Ceco’s engineering staff that designs concrete construction plans for each project knows all the structural properties of these systems. They can adapt the equipment specifically to each project’s needs to maximize results, whether that be schedule, cycle, design geometry, required tolerances or loads. The equipment, fabrication materials, member characteristics, assembly and capacity have all been established, tested and understood by Ceco’s engineering team.

Ceco’s field leadership knows the equipment and is prepared to assemble and deploy the equipment timely and efficiently due to their familiarity with components and site-specific assembly information. Ceco also invests in training for field personnel and leadership designed to enhance optimal use of Ceco’s equipment. Training and field leadership allow Ceco’s field organization to be mobile and responsive to clients as resources—both equipment and people—are mobilized for the next project. Such standardization offers enormous advantages.

Quality and safety
Located centrally within the United States, Ceco has an expansive manufacturing and equipment rejuvenation center. The equipment team possesses both steel and aluminum tools and skills. If media blasting is needed, that too can be performed in-house to clean equipment in preparation for a fresh coat of paint. This facility is often the birth of Ceco’s equipment, if not the rebirth after a period of reliable service on project sites.

Quality standards for Ceco equipment include periodic inspections as well as standardized bundling and shipping to optimize crane time and logistics. Equipment elements are designed and fabricated for continuous, safe usage, meeting Ceco and industry design standards.

How Ceco equipment benefits you
Compared to third-party suppliers, Ceco equipment doesn’t profit at the project’s expense. Instead, the equipment furthers Ceco’s field success, which means predictable project delivery and honoring client commitments.

Download a PDF of our informational brochure: Ceco Advantage: In-House Equipment.