Ceco constantly strives to be a resource for our clients and industry partners, providing free input on approach, formwork system selection, shoring system selection, sustainability advice and structural system selection. Our input is distilled from more than 100 years of concrete experience and we haven’t kept the doors open that long by leading people astray. We will always provide the concrete resources you need to make an informed decision on your project—whether we remain involved in the project or not.

We have compiled a number of concrete resources to help you properly analyze cast-in-place structural concrete as a viable material for your project. We will always suggest using a Choosing By Advantages (CBA) format to choose your project’s structural system, and we have included a sample among our resources for review. Every project deserves a thorough analysis that accounts for all items affected by each different structural system. For instance, when comparing concrete and steel systems, one should account for the reduction in skin and fireproofing costs associated with a concrete structural system and the added reduction in renovation cost from increased rigidity. When comparing cast-in-place parking structures to precast structures, you should always account for foundations, equivalent durability measures, skin, the increased maintenance costs inherent with additional joints and the “included design” that never seems to materialize.

Cast-in-place concrete isn’t always the right choice of structural systems; but when it is, it can significantly reduce initial costs and provide the owner a high-quality, high-performance structure that will last many years with little maintenance. Please use the resources provided here as you plan your next project, and please don’t hesitate to contact your local Ceco representative to take advantage of some free input. Our advice is free—not requesting it could be costly.

Case Studies

Value Engineering Parking Structures

Case Study—Value Engineering Parking Structures

Senior Project Executive Rick Cevasco discusses a case study of Ceco value engineering parking structures for a client.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Northland Concrete & Masonry

    “Ceco Concrete Construction is a professional organization. From the start of the project, they give us detailed preliminary estimates to establish budgets and help design the project cost effectively. When it comes to forming concrete structures, CECO is my No. 1 choice. If it’s a job with 370,000 sf of pan and joist formwork, like 3M, or a 10-story building, like G.H. Holdings, they have always led the charge in the field. Ceco comments to a schedule upfront and holds to that schedule throughout the job, driving the rest of the subcontractors. With top-notch quality workmanship also comes along a top-notch safety program. Ceco is a leader in this industry, and I am thankful they are on my team. ”

    Allen Skogquist, Vice President
  • THP Limited

    “THP Limited is a structural engineering firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have designed numerous hospital and large healthcare facilities across the Midwest, many of them with Ceco Concrete Construction's involvement. Ceco's eye for quality and innovation makes them a leader in the concrete construction industry. THP has worked with Ceco in the early stages of several projects to get their opinion and ideas for providing the most efficient framing system.”

    David R. Marshall, Principal
  • Turner Construction Company

    “Working in today’s competitive construction market with fast-paced schedules and tight profit margins means partnering with a contractor like Ceco is imperative to a successful project. Some of the areas where Ceco stood out from other horizontal formwork contractors I’ve used in the past are: • Material Handling • Best practices • Planning • Coordination • Teamwork • Partnering • Safety. I greatly look forward to working with Ceco on future projects and highly recommend them. ”

    Steve Garrett, Project Superintendent